Bursting With Flavor for a Better Vape Experience

Crafted for flavor, engineered for excellence.

Experience Ejuice Like Never Before

Our products are bursting with flavor and crafted in a newly constructed state of the art modular clean room designed by PortaFab Inc.
Products are manufactured to adhere to the highest quality guidelines in ELiquid Manufacturing.

Cracked Candy

This juice is perfect for those that love the sweeter things in life, but still want a juice that will treat your coil right. If you happen to notice a little extra life from your coil, either the universe has finally aligned in your favor ... or you've been vaping Unchained!

Fruit Shot

You just never know which fruit is going to leap across your taste buds with this juice! You could get a completely different flavor medley from inhale to exhale. With each vape, you’ll know you’ve been Unchained!

Panther's Blood

Who loves a snow cone on a hot day? We obviously do! Not too sweet and not to fruity, this blend is just right and will leave you wanting more. Also, as much as we love the snow cone stand, we wouldn’t recommend trying to get your vape from there. Just hit your local vape shop and get Unchained!

Strawberry Ice Cream

A fruity and creamy blend that will leave you looking for your vape. However, we recommended you don’t accuse the person beside you of stealing your juice if you can’t find it. No, really, we’re pretty sure they went to their local vape shop and got Unchained!

Tropical Explosion

Do you like waves crashing on the beach? Salty breezes and sand in your … well … vape? Not us! We can’t think of anything better than a savory tropical juice exploding with flavor... oh yeah it got Unchained!


Vibrant Packaging Designed to Make the Sale

Our exclusive packaging helps you get more products off your shelf. Our designs are made to catch your customer's eye and drive sales.

We're Passionate About Our Products

Our goal? To help people enjoy their vape.

  • Packaging manufactured to the highest quality safety guidelines
  • Eye-catching design targeted to move product off shelves
  • Squeezable bottles for easy refill
  • Designed to extend coil life
  • Always fresh, always excellent flavor

Enjoy the Taste. Enjoy the Vape.

Crafted for flavor, engineered for excellence.